Book: Diagnostic Surgical Neuropathology by Location

Diagnostic Surgical Neuropathology by Location
By Kenneth B. Fallon

Diagnostic Surgical Neuropathology by Location

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Diagnostic Surgical Neuropathology by Location, is a practical guide for all pathologists in their initial, real-time encounters with brain of spinal cord biopsies for the immediate rendering of an intraoperative diagnosis based on the squash preparations of frozen section. The book is organized with a heavy emphasis on neuroanatomic to neuropathologic relationships best defined as a given lesion’s location with regard to its contiguous macroscopic and microscopic environments. The demonstration of the lesion’s macroscopic environment would include corresponding radiographic images, diagrams, and photographs of applicable autopsy teaching specimens for comparison; the microscopic environment would be illustrated by photomicrographs expressly composed in ways to show lesions in relation to contiguous unaffected, non-diseased tissue. The chapters progress from the cranial-to-caudal segments of the neuraxis from brain to spinal cord, respectively. The topics to be included in this book consist of all lesions likely to be encountered in the course of intraoperative neuropathologic consultation; this would encompass both primary and metastatic (secondary) forms of CNS neoplasia, non-neoplastic CNS lesions (for example, demyelinative processes), and CNS infections.

* Introduces neuropathology via neuroanatomic context instead of type of tissue
* The focus on location supports better understanding of the neuropathologic study
* Introduces the benefits of squash preparations for intraoperative assessment of neuropathology specimens

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  • Original language: English
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • 656 pages

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