WFNS Neurosurgical Anatomy Committe Hands on course – Brno 2018

Dear friends,
I have attended many meetings where Gazi Yasargil has been giving his lectures. He had a mantra which he repeated at least once during each of his lectures: Anatomy, anatomy, anatomy.
He was right. Anatomy is the true basis of any neurosurgical endeavor. You can be best at surgical techniques, skilled in neurological evaluation, excellent in images interpretation, master in intensive care, perfect in
doctor-patient communication, whatever. However, when it comes down to procedure itself, which is the peak of what we do for our patients, it gets down to anatomy.
Anatomy of the central and peripheral nervous system is the most complex and difficult one throughout the human body. Sellar region, cavernous sinus, petrous bone, cp angel, foramen magnum are the most challenging regions in the human body. To learn the anatomy of this region means building the groundwork for advancing into the top of our discipline.Such a surgical anatomy, as perfectly shown in the works of Albert Rhoton and others, is impossible to learn in the operating theatre, nor is it possible at the general anatomy lectures. Such an anatomy is best absorbed at the courses combining theoretical lectures with practical hands-on workshops.
It is the mission of WFNS Neurosurgical Anatomy Committee to teach and educate. And it is the neurosurgical anatomy which obviously is the content and target of our courses.
We hope you will enjoy the course in Brno.


Vladimír Beneš
WFNS Neurosurgical Anatomy Committee
Course director

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