Update: Trampoline injury

Trampoline injury

Trampolines were responsible for over 6,500 pediatric cervical spine injuries in 1998. This represents a five-fold increase in just 10 years. While most have been minor, paraplegiaquadriplegia and death are all reported.

Brown and Lee present 2 cases of trampoline-related cervical spine injury and review the relevant literature. Additionally, they examine the efforts made to reduce the incidence of trampoline injuries, and discuss why these have failed. They conclude that safety guidelines and warnings are inadequate. In addition, they support recommendations for a ban on the use of trampolines by children 1).

see Severe Trampoline Injuries: Incidence and Risk Factors in Children and Adolescents 2).

Case reports

A 4-year-old boy who presented with neck pain after falling off a trampoline. His neurological examination did not reveal any focal abnormalities, but radiographs were thought to be consistent with a right, C4-C5, unilateral, jumped facet.

Reduction attempts were made with Gardner-Wells tongs and traction. After failure to achieve adequate reduction, evaluations using two-dimensional computed tomography confirmed congenitally absent cervical pedicles. He was treated conservatively and experienced resolution of their presenting symptoms.

The congenital absence of a cervical pedicle is a rare entity that is frequently misdiagnosed. Diagnoses can be accurately confirmed with two-dimensional computed tomography. Conservative treatment resulted in successful management of this clinical entity 3).


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