Atlas of Anatomy of the Peripheral Nerves: The Nerves of the Limbs – Student Edition

Atlas of Anatomy of the Peripheral Nerves: The Nerves of the Limbs – Student Edition

Atlas of Anatomy of the Peripheral Nerves: The Nerves of the Limbs – Student Edition

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This innovative atlas focuses on peripheral nerves and provides a brand new approach compared to regular anatomy books. Using a modern 3D approach, it offers an alternative to conventional anatomical structures. It reviews all the anatomy and the morphology of these structures from an original point of view.
In these three-dimensional diagrams, as well as in the watercolor drawings enhanced with a 3D inlay, each type of nerve is depicted in a minute detail.
The atlas simplifies the anatomy and make it easy and understandable by allowing readers to develop a mental “real-time 3D GPS”.
The integration of MRI sections related to the drawings and the descriptions of the main nerve injuries provide medical students with a flexible but effective transition to the radiological interpretation and furthers the clinical learning process.
After a detailed evaluation of the morphofunctional anatomy of the peripheral nerves, the authors present a collection of relevant data on neuromuscular transmission, both from classical and recent literature, ranging from the central and peripheral nervous system to the effector muscle. This information offers a basis for understanding the physiology, the pathology, and the repair prospects of peripheral nerves from a purely theoretical point of view.
The book is divided into three main parts:
– Fundamental notions: from immunohistochemistry to limb innervation
– The upper limb: the brachial plexus and related peripheral nerves
– The lower limb: the lumbosacral plexus and related peripheral nerves
This atlas also features 261 outstanding full-colour 2D and 3D illustrations. Each picture has been designed in 2D and 3D with a combination of the original editor’s personal drawings/paintings and 3D-modeling tools.
This book is a valuable resource for anyone studying medicine, anaesthesiology, neurosurgery, spine surgery, pain, radiology or rheumatology and is also of high interest to the whole medical community in general.

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  • Published on: 2017-09-12
  • Original language: French
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  • Dimensions: 11.00″ h x .0″ w x 8.30″ l, .0 pounds
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • 322 pages

About the Author

Prof. Philippe Rigoard  is a Senior surgeon and coordinator of the Spine & Neuromodulation Unit within the Neurosurgical Department, at the Poitiers University Hospital, in France. He is also an Honorary Consultant at St Thomas & Guy’s Hospital, Pain clinic, in London, UK, an Anatomy conference reader at the Human Morphology Institute, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Poitiers and a Researcher at the Inserm, CIC (Clinical Investigation Center) 802. He is research program director of the N3Lab, Neuromodulation & Neural Networks Lab in Poitiers.
In parallel of studying anatomy and morphology at National Art Institute, Beaux-Arts, Paris, from 1994-1996, he decided to enter into medicine. He received his medical degree as 1st Laureate of faculty of Medicine, Poitiers in 2006 and completed postgraduate medical training in spine surgery 2008 and a fellowship in functional neurosurgery in 2009.
From 2002-2007 he also completed his PhD of Sciences, in Poitiers as well as several degrees including in Neuromuscular Diseases, acute pain, chronic pain and pain management in emergency conditions, microsurgical techniques and surgical robotics.
His main research interest is neuromodulation and spine biomechanics. He has intensive scientific collaborations with several researchers worldwide, e.g., Dr. Kumar (Canada), Dr. Desai, Dr. North, Dr. Slavin (USA) and Dr. Al-Kaisy (UK).  He is reviewer for many scientific journals and a member of several learnt societies, including the International Association for the Study of Pain, International Neuromodulation society, European Association of Neurosurgeons, French and North American Society of Spine Surgery.
He has also published dozens of journal articles, abstracts, and book chapters, and has lectured at numerous conferences and symposia worldwide.

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