Event: WFNS XVI. World Congress of Neurosurgery August 20-25, 2017 – Istanbul, Turkey

Today Opening & Award Ceremony and Welcome Reception

WFNS 2017

Today four pre-congress courses will be organised by WFNS Scientific Committees on a variety of subjects including the following titles:

1) Pre – Congress Course “Spine”
2) Pre – Congress Course “Microsurgical Anatomy and Approaches”
3) Pre – Congress Course “WFNS Neurosurgical Anatomy Commitee Course”
4) Pre – Congress Course “Young Neurosurgeons Forum Committee”
  • Pre-Congress Courses will be held prior to the start of the WFNS XVI. World Congress of Neurosurgery
  • All courses will be held on Sunday, August 20 between 08:00-18:00

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