8th Istanbul Microneurosurgery Course – Parts 1 & 2

8th Istanbul Microneurosurgery Course – Parts 1 & 2

June 7 — June 16

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Microneurosurgery Course consists of 2 parts.

7 – 10 June: Part I “Hands on Microvascular Anastomosis”.
Renowned teacher of microsurgery, Rosmarie Frick will lead participants in learning the key points of micro suturing, vascular anastomosis and micro dissection.

11 – 16 June: Part II “Hands-on white matter dissection course and live surgery”.
In the first three days, participants will experience the three dimensional anatomy of the human brain. In the following days, live surgeries observed in 3D, lectures from experts and case discussions would demonstrate the value of mastering the brain anatomy in practice of neurosurgery. Please feel free to bring your interesting cases to be discussed.

Professor M. Gazi Yasargil, who originated such courses, is co-directing the Istanbul Microneurosurgery Course.

Course website: http://www.istanbul-microneurosurgery.com
All inquiries to: drvolkanharput@gmail.com

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