Today: VII Moscow Courses on Pediatric Neurosurgery

VII Moscow Courses on Pediatric Neurosurgery

November 22 — November 25

Moscow, Russian Federation


Joint Course of  The International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (ISPN)/RSPN, Supported by the European Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (ESPN)

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The course consists of a Hands-on Course (22–23 November) limited to 20 participants, followed by Lectures (24–25 November).
This year the Courses are also supported by ESPN and cover the topics related to “Emergencies in Pediatric Neurosurgery”.
The best specialists from Europe and Russia will present lectures, and take part in seminars and hand-ons.

The program will consist of two parts.
First 2 days (22–23 November) are devoted to hand-ons on the working places (not more then 2 persons for one place with a tutor) equipped with microscopes,

The Course will take place from November 22
to November 25, 2016 in the Burdenko Neurosurgical
Institute and Moscow Institute for Pediatric Emergency
Surgery which are both situated just in the center of

These days are devoted to approaches to deep seated
tumors and microsurgical anatomy of brain. Video
presentations will be continued by all types of craniotomy tried on the special models of skulls with traditional drill systems. The study of brain anatomy will be started on systems. The study of brain anatomy will be started on the live surgery.

The second part of Courses (24–25 November) is presented by lectures and seminars. The lectures cover the most important states related to acute hydrocephalus, trauma, haemorrhages, including IVH in the preterms, ruptured Spina bifida, shunt infections,
acute neurotrauma, raised ICP, decompressive craniectomy and other situations which a neurosurgeon face in his everyday practice.

In the afternoon the seminars with case-based
discussions will take place in smaller groups.
W.Harkness (UK)
M. Messing Juenger (Germany)
W.T.Seow (Singapore)
G.Tamburrini (Italy)
F. Di Rocco (France)
C.Mottolese (France)
L. Beni Adani (Izrael)
S.Gorelyshev (Russia)
A.Melikian (Russia)
J.Semenova (Russia)
W.Khachatrian (Russia)
E.Khuhlaeva (Russia)
A.Popov (Russia)
A.Kravchuk (Russia)

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