Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics October 2016

Endoscopic third ventriculostomy in children: prospective, multicenter results from the Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network

Using urinary bFGF and TIMP3 levels to predict the presence of juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma and establish a distinct biomarker signature

Physiological growth hormone replacement and rate of recurrence of craniopharyngioma: the Genentech National Cooperative Growth Study

Mobile spinal enterogenous cyst resulting in intermittent paraplegia in a child: case report

Pediatric occipitocervical fixation: radiographic criteria, surgicaltechnique, and clinical outcomes based on experience of a single surgeon

Rapid de novo aneurysm formation after clipping of a ruptured middle cerebral artery aneurysmin an infant with an MYH11 mutation

Diagnosis and treatment of pediatric frontotemporal pits: report of 2 cases

Massive sialadenitis resulting in critical airway after elective craniotomy: case report

Health-related quality of life outcomes and level of evidence in pediatric neurosurgery

Use of a contoured bioresorbable plate with a hemostatic plug to control life-threatening bleeding from the superior sagittal sinus during hemispherotomy: technical note

Comparison between an Ascenda and a silicone catheter in intrathecal baclofen therapy in pediatric patients: analysis of complications

Variation in seizure prophylaxis in severe pediatric traumatic brain injury

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