October 5, 2016 — October 7

Berlin, Germany

Full Final Programme

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EUROSPINE 2016 in Berlin includes pre-day courses, scientific presentations, debates, QuickFire presentations, lunch symposia and E-posters.

Our local hosts in Berlin are Hans-Joachim Wilke, Michael Putzier and Peter Vajkoczy.

There will be two debates about common, but hopefully stimulating topics with the intention to stimulate thinking and discussions on areas of controversy and to explore areas of consensus. The audience will be asked for their vote on the case management before and after the presentations to see if they could be persuaded to change their views as a result of the arguments presented.

Wednesday, 5 October 10:30–11:15

Debate 1: Decompression only or Decompression and Fusion in degenerative Spondylolisthesis Moderator: Stavros Stavridis, Thessaloniki, Greece Decompression only: Martin Wilby, Liverpool, UK Decompresson and Fusion: Cédric Barrey, Lyon, France 11:15–12:00

Debate 2: Treatment of osteoporotic sacral insufficiency fractures Moderator: Frank Kandziora, Frankfurt, Germany Conservative Treatment: Michael Schütz, Berlin, Germany Sacroplasty: Sait Naderi, Umraniye, Turkey Surgical Treatment: Christoph Josten, Leipzig, Germany Discussion with the audience

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