Neurosurgery: October 2016

Accurate Delineation of Glioma Infiltration by Advanced PET/MR Neuro-Imaging (FRONTIER Study): A Diagnostic Study Protocol

Association Patterns of Simultaneous Intraventricular and Intraparenchymal Intracranial Pressure Measurements

Control of Glioblastoma Tumorigenesis by Feed-Forward Cytokine Signaling

Determining the Presence of Thin-Walled Regions at High-Pressure Areas in Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysms by Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Identification and Cost of Potentially Avoidable Transfers to a Tertiary Care Neurosurgery Service: A Pilot Study

Individualized Map of White Matter Pathways: Connectivity-Based Paradigm for Neurosurgical Planning

Intraoperative Probe-Based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy in Surgery and Stereotactic Biopsy of Low-Grade and High-Grade Gliomas: A Feasibility Study in Humans

Surgery for Nontumoral Insular Epilepsy Explored by Stereoelectroencephalography

Syndrome of the Trephined: A Systematic Review

Transfemoral Stenting of Stenoses at the Common Carotid Artery Origin Using an Anchoring Technique With a Balloon Protection Device

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