British Journal of Neurosurgery: September 2016

Unusual complication after insertion of deep brain stimulator electrode

Evaluation of intraoperative glove change in prevention of postoperative cerebrospinal fluid shunt infections, and the predictors of shunt infection

Is the endoscopic third ventriculostomy success score an appropriate tool to inform clinical decision-making?

Ommaya reservoir implantation for the treatment of contralateral progressive traumatic subdural effusion secondary to decompressive craniectomy: a case report

Pre-emptive intrathecal vancomycin therapy reduces external ventricular drain infection: a single centre retrospective case-control study

Incidence and outcome of surgery for adult hydrocephalus patients in Sweden

Cavum septi pellucidi cysts: a survey about clinical indications and surgical management strategies

Primary cranial vault lymphoma

Increased trends in the use of treatment-limiting decisions in a regional neurosurgical unit

Relevancy of positive trends in mortality and functional recovery after surgical treatment of acute subdural hematomas. Our 10-year experience

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