Acta Neurochirurgica: September 2016

Risk factors for post-operative respiratory failure among 94,621 neurosurgical patients from 2006 to 2013: a NSQIP analysis

Nosocomial bloodstream infections in neurosurgery: a 10-year analysis in a center with high antimicrobial drug-resistance prevalence

Self-injection of household cleaning detergents into a ventriculoperitoneal shunt reservoir during a suicide attempt: a case report and literature review

A study of prognostic factors in 45 cases of atypical meningioma

Late morphological changes after radiosurgery of brain arteriovenous malformations: an MRI study

Pushing the limits of the Leksell stereotactic frame for spinal lesions up to C3: fixation at the maxilla

Radiosurgery for infundibulum adenoma: stalk dose implications

Predicting the necessity of anterior communicating artery division in the bifrontal basal interhemispheric approach

Stereolithographic models in the interdisciplinary planning of treatment for complex intracranial aneurysms

Pentoxifylline Alleviates Early Brain Injury in a Rat Model of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Subarachnoid haemorrhage secondary to traumatic intracranial aneurysm of the posterior cerebral circulation: case series and literature review

Standardized reporting of adverse events after microvascular decompression of cranial nerves; a population-based single-institution consecutive series

Subcutaneous trigeminal nerve field stimulation for refractory trigeminal pain: a cohort analysis

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