Today: 12th Congress of the European Skull Base Society

12th Congress of the European Skull Base Society

May 26, 2016 — May 28, 2016

Berlin, Germany


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The theme of the 12th Congress of the ESBS is “connecting disciplines – creating success”.

ESBS-2016 will be the major European meeting in this field and traditionally there will come many people from outside Europe to be actively involved and feel skull base developments at the finger tips.

Congress President

Executive Committee ESBS 2016
Prof. Dr. Robert Behr
Klinik für Neurochirurgie
Klinikum Fulda gAG
Universitäts-Medizin Marburg
Campus Fulda
Pacelliallee 4, 36043 Fulda

Today: Wolfgang Draf Lecture

Impact of Wolfgang Draf for the development of skull base surgery The Executive Committee of the European Skull Base Society decided to inaugurate a scientific lecture in honor of Prof. Wolfgang Draf. He had an enormous impact on skull base surgery and besides other interests his dedication to skull base surgery, especially endoscopic sinus surgery, continued over his complete professional work. The Draf III drainage of the frontal sinus is well known to all ENT and sinus surgeons. Prof. Draf started his carrier in Mainz, Germany, where he was interims Director of the ENT Department of the University of Mainz and became in February 1979 Director of the ENT Department of the Klinikum Fulda. For more than 25 years he influenced from there the national and international field of skull base surgery. After retirement from there he took over the position as Director of the ENT Department at the INI in Hannover, where he worked from January 2006 since his much to early death in 2011. Numerous invitations to scientific lectures, Professorships, the Semon Lecture of the Royal Society of Medicine in London in 1994, the Dr. med. honoris causa of the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki and other awards indicate his surgical and scientific importance. He was untiringly active in many scientific societies nationally but also around the world and promoted politically the interests of skull base surgeons and surgery as well as the scientific issues of this speciality. Besides of these academic and scientific achievements, Wolfgang Draf was also a brilliant and dedicated teacher and outstanding surgeon. I myself knew Prof. Draf for many years and had the pleasure to work with him since 2001 at Fulda where we became close friends and continued to build up a skull base center. In honor of his academic, surgical and scientific accompilshments the Wolfgang Draf Lecture will be held bianually during the Congress of the European Skull Base Society to award personalities who significantly contributed to the development of skull base surgery.

Special Lecture 1: Molecular aspects of nerve repair and translational issues of reconstruction Speaker: K. Haastert-Talini (Hannover/GER) Chairman: T. Kretschmer (Oldenburg/GER)

Special Lecture 2: The craniocervical region – a developmental restless region Speaker: A. Prescher (Aachen/GER) Chairman: P. Winkler (Salzburg/AUT)

Special Lecture 3: Electrical stimulation of the vestibular system Speaker: R. van de Berg (Maastricht/NED) Chairman: K. Niemczyk (Warsaw/POL)

Special Lecture 4: Is there still a place for midfacial degloving Speaker: A. Unterberg (Heidelberg/GER) Chairman: K. Ohata (Osaka/JPN)

Special Lecture 5: Endoscopic management of giant angiofibromas Speaker: C. H. Snyderman (Pittsburgh/USA) Chairman: M. Bettag (Trier/GER)

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