25th Congress of the European Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery


08:00-10:00 SESSION 1: Spinal dysraphism
Chairpersons: T. Roujeau (France), F. Van Calenberg (Belgium)
08:00-08:20   IL01: Uncommon secondary neurulation malformations: retained medullary cord, terminal myelocystocoele, and unjointed primary and secondary neural tubesD. Pang (USA)
08:20-09:05   Oral presentations (OP01-OP06)
09:05-09:40   Flash presentations (FP001-FP012)
09:40-10:00   Discussion
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break ▪ ePosters Viewing
Moderator: D. Thompson (United Kingdom)10:30-10:50   IL02: Lipoma: achieving consensusC. Di Rocco (Italy)
10:50-11:10   IL03: Lumbosacral lipoma – An experience of attempted near total/radical resectionK.-C. Wang (Korea)11:10-12:00   ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION: Complex lipomas: towards consensus
Panel: M. Zerah (France), C. Di Rocco (Italy), K.-C. Wang (Korea), C.E. Deopujari (India), R. Santos de Oliveira (Brazil)

Joint session with the Asian-Australasian Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (AASPN)
12:00-13:00  SATELLITE (LUNCHEON) SYMPOSIUM (click here for the detailed programme)  Sponsored session
12:30-13:30 Lunch Break ▪ ePosters Viewing
13:30-14:00  SPECIAL LECTURE 1: Advances in the imaging of hydrocephalus
Chairpersons: S. Sgouros (Greece), W.T. Seow (Singapore)
Speaker: S. Stivaros (United Kingdom)
14:00-15:10 SESSION 2: Advances in pediatric head trauma management
Chairpersons: M. Vinchon (France), J. Hinojosa (Spain)
14:00-14:20   IL04: Individually optimized CPP in pediatric TBI and other brain insults M.U. Schuhmann (Germany)
14:20-14:45   Oral presentations (OP07-OP09)
14:45-15:00   Flash presentations (FP013-FP017)
15:00-15:10   Discussion
15:10-15:40  SPECIAL LECTURE 2: Lessons from the Antenatal Clinic
Chairpersons: W. Wagner (Germany), D. Scavarda (France)
Speaker: M. Zerah (France)
15:40-16:00 Coffee Break ▪ ePosters Viewing
16:00-17:30 SESSION 3: Spine
Chairpersons: G. Tamburrini (Italy), D. Swift (USA)
16:00-16:20   IL05: Instrumentation in the pediatric C spine S. Chatterjee (India)
16:20-17:00   Oral presentations (OP10-OP15)
17:00-17:15   Flash presentations (FP018-FP022)
17:15-17:30   Discussion
17:30-19:00  ESPN Business Meeting


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