Today: 3D Neuroanatomy Course Alicante- Spain


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Stereoscopic 3D study in Neuroanatomy
(J. Abarca)

Orbit, anterior and middle fossae. Redefining the surgical routes
(P. González)

Anterior fossa bone anatomy and intrinsic boundaries (D. Mato)

Anterior fossa transcranial routes (V. Fernández)

Orbit lesions and examination (J. Mondéjar)

Orbit anatomy and surgical approaches (P. González)

The nasal cavity as a corridor to the anterior fossa and orbit.
Anatomic landmarks (I. Monjas)

Expanded endonasal endoscopic anatomy of the anterior cranial fossa and orbit. The limits of the transethmoidal approaches
(Eugenio Cárdenas / Ariel Kaen)

Endotrainer: first skills in endoscopic endonasal surgery (45 min)

3D virtual planning for skull base surgery (45 min)

Live microscopic dissection: anterior fossa and orbit transcranial approaches (45 min).


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