It is only two weeks from now to have the chance to get one of the last positions as a participant in the ‘III Edition of 3DNeuroanatomy and Neurosurgical Approaches WFNS Course 2016’. As you probably now, this edition will cover the ‘Anterior and Middle Skull Base Endoscopic and Microscopic Approaches’.

With the effort of trying to improve the quality of the course, this year we feel pleased to introduce some news. One of them is a surgical station carried out and designed by Dr. Juan A Simal, and titled ‘Endotrainer: first skills in endoscopic endonasal surgery’. At this station every participant will have the chance to perform a huge amount of endoscopic exercises, improving their surgical skills and learning interesting techniques and tricks from the experts.

Don’t miss the chance and join us in Alicante at the end of this month and let’s enjoy together learning and teaching!

Register at www.3dneuroanatomy.com

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