Acta Neurochirurgica March 2016

Surgical management of medium and large petroclival meningiomas: a single institution’s experience of 199 cases with long-term follow-up.

Intra-operative devascularization of petroclival meningiomas by ICG-VA-guided Bernasconi & Cassinari artery identification.

Identification of cranial nerves around trigeminal schwannomas using diffusion tensortractography: a technical note and report of 3 cases.

Full endoscopic endonasal transsellar-transclival approach: the modularityconcept.

Somatostatin treatment can induce extensive fibrosis in growth hormone-producing adenoma

“Intrasellar Balloon Technique” in intraoperative MRI guided transsphenoidal endoscopic surgery for sellar region tumors. Usefulness on image interpretation and extent of resection evaluation. Technical note

Purely endoscopic removal of a parasagittal/falx meningioma.

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