British Journal of Neurosurgery: January 2016

Are neurosurgeons prepared to electively resample glioblastoma in patients without symptomatic relapse?

Bilateral fracture of the superior articular process of S1 – An unusual fracture seen in a speed skater

Bone flap resorption following cranioplasty in a cost-constrained scenario

Iatrogenic intracranial placement of nasopharyngeal airway after trauma

Intracranial and intradural nasal polyposis after iatrogenic skull base defect: A case report

Metastatic malignant transformation of residual posterior fossa epidermoid cyst to squamous cell carcinoma

Perceptions, misconceptions and review of a neurosurgery on-call service in a university teaching hospital

Resection extent of the supplementary motor area and post-operative neurological deficits in glioma surgery

Routine cerebrospinal fluid analysis during ‘de novo’ ventriculoperitoneal shunt insertion

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