Case of the Month Unilateral Hearing Loss

Unilateral Hearing Loss

History & Examination
30 y/o previously healthy female presents with a 1 year history of progressive left-sided hearing loss and tinnitus.

Her past medical history and surgical history are unremarkable.

Physical examination reveals difficulty with tandem gait and nystagmus, but no dysmetria.

A limited post-contrast study of the IAC and an audiogram are obtained.

Diagnostic Studies
Word recognition scores in the right ear is 100% at 55 dB and 84% at 75 dB

22 dB (air) and 18 dB (bone) –right
42 dB (air) and 32 dB (bone) – left

Summary -moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss for the left ear

T1-Weighted with contrast




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